General Information


Text Alerts

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Customer Satisfaction Is Important

Let us know if you are pleased with our programs, services and facilities. We welcome your comments, inquiries and suggestions. Thank you for choosing Waterloo Leisure Services.

Sports Program Refund Policies

  • Refunds are issued in full if a class is full or cancelled by the Sports Department
  • Refunds for personal reasons must be submitted in writing.  Approved refunds prior to the start of the program will be assessed a $5 administrative fee. Refunds approved after the first meeting will be charged a $10 administrative fee. Refunds for full or cancelled classes will not be assessed administrative fees.
  • Additional charges (i.e., shirt uniform fees) will also be applied
  • Refunds for season pool passes will be assessed a $5 administrative fee prior to the opening of the pools for the season. Refunds will not be granted for season pool passes after the pools have opened for the season.
  • All refunds will be mailed within three weeks.
  • Refunds will only be made to the original payee of the registration.
  • The Waterloo Leisure Services Department reserves the right to deny a request for a refund. If your request has been denied, you will be contacted by a staff member from the Leisure Services Department.

Late Registrations

The Waterloo Leisure Services Department strives to have maximum participation in all of our recreational programs. However, the recent trend of numerous late registrations has forced us to adopt more stringent policies regarding late registrations. By accepting more registrations than the maximum numbers we can handle, we are decreasing the quality of the program for the children that were registered on time. For example, if a 3rd grade boys’ basketball team has a maximum of 8 players and 2 children are registered late and added to the team, the team would now have 10 players. This is a situation that is going to disrupt two important facets of our programming, a low coach/player ratio and a dramatic decrease in game participation time for all players.

Our department goes to great lengths to publicize all of our activities. We distribute all registration flyers through the Waterloo Public and Parochial Schools approximately 4 weeks prior to the programs first date. Usually 5-6 weeks before the program we mail registration forms to all eligible participants from the same program the year before. Also, we utilize the Waterloo Courier Sports Wrap Up section and the City Cable Access Station 15 as other avenues to publicize our programming. We also distribute our Summer Newsletter in the Spring time. If you have any questions about upcoming programs call our office at 291-0165.

Acceptance Of Late Registrations

Late registration requests will be accommodated until the day before the program begins, although choice of location/time cannot be guaranteed. Late registration requests that occur after the program has started can only be accommodated if there are openings in the program.

Late Fees

When participants register late for programs there are a number of additional expenses incurred by our department. Beginning in February 2004 the following city policy will take effect. All programs will have a registration deadline set one week before the first meeting of the program. All registrations taken up to that deadline will be charged the regular registration fee. After the deadline there will be a $5.00 late fee assessed.

Waiting Lists

We will start waiting lists for all programs that are full. If we establish a waiting list large enough to justify another class or team prior to the second meeting of the program we will begin another class or team.

Car Pools

The larger the car pool the more difficult it becomes to schedule games and keep the level of talent on teams equal from one team to the next. As a result, requests will be limited to two families per car pool. If a child is listed on more than one car pool we will contact the parents to see in which car pool the child needs to be included.

How Do I Become A Volunteer?

The City of waterloo and the Cedar Valley Sportspelx offer a wide variety of youth sports activities.  Volunteer coaches are the backbone of these youth sports.  Without the hundreds of parents signing up to coach youth sports every season, our youth sports programs would come to a screeching halt!  If you are planning on becoming a volunteer coach, the first thing you need to do is complete a background check.  Click Here!

Key Card Holders

Waterloo Key Card holders may register for any program with an asterisk (*) for half price. Registrants must present their Key Card at time of registration to be eligible for this fee reduction. Key Cards are issued exclusively through Operation Threshold. To inquire about eligibility you may call Operation Threshold at 291-2065.

Injury/Accident Policy

The Waterloo Leisure Services Commission/Cedar Valley SportsPlex will not be held responsible for any injury or accident occurring while participating in any of our events.

Bad Weather Cancellations

Information about sports cancellations will be given on the Sports Page. If school is dismissed early or canceled due to weather conditions, Waterloo Leisure Services programs to be held in a Waterloo school that day will be canceled. Weather cancellations will be made by 4:00 PM.

Used Sports Equipment

Donate your good but used sports equipment (especially ball gloves) to Leisure Services at the Cedar Valley SportsPlex so it can be put to good use by participants in need.

The Waterloo Leisure Services Commission would like to acknowledge with great appreciation the cooperation and support of the following agencies youth sports programs:

  • Waterloo Optimist Club
  • Waterloo Rotary Club
  • Waterloo Kiwanis Club
  • Waterloo Elks Club
  • RJ McElroy Trust
  • Waterloo Community Schools
  • Waterloo Bucks Baseball
  • Columbus High School
  • Columbus High School Booster Club
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier
  • Boys & Girls Club of Black Hawk County
  • Waterloo Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Hellman and Associates
  • KWWL
  • KBBG
  • KXEL
  • KCVM
  • Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa
  • Metro Tennis Association
  • Build our Ballpark