Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball Clinic – Pre/K-Kindergarten

This clinic will help assist participants in building a solid foundation in terms of fundamentals.  The clinic will consist of a variety of drills to help improve ball-handling, shooting, passing, defense, rebounding, and more.  The clinic will have a total of 5 meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 PM at the Cedar Valley SportsPlex.

Cedar Valley SportsPlex
Member Fee:

Session 1-
Registration Begins: September 6, 2019
Program Dates: October 8 – October 22, 2019
Registration Deadline:
 October 4, 2019
Program #:

Session 2
Registration Begins: November 1, 2019
Program Dates: December 5 – December 19, 2019
Registration Deadline: December 3, 2019
Session 2 Program #: 82020

Youth Basketball- Grades: 1st-4th

This program expands on the skills taught in the previous programs. There is a greater emphasis on rules of the game and understanding the basic flow of a basketball game. Session 2: 1st-2nd grade boys and 1st-3rd grade girls.

Session 1 Registration Begins: September 18, 2019

Session 2 Registration Begins: November 22, 2019

Site: Cedar Valley SportsPlex

* 1st-2nd Grade Boys League

Nov. 5 – Nov. 23
Fee: $33 (includes team shirt)
Member Fee: $30
Program Times: Monday PM & Saturday AM

* 1st-2nd Grade Boys

Jan. 7 – Jan. 24
Fee: $33 (includes team shirt)
Member Fee: $30
Program Times: Tuesday & Fridays PM
Registration Deadline: January 1, 2020

* 1st-3rd Grade Girls League

Nov. 7 – Nov. 23
Fee: $33 (includes team shirt)
Member Fee: $30
Program Times: Thursday PM & Saturday AM

* 1st-3rd Girls

Jan. 7 – Jan. 24
Fee: $33 (includes team shirt)
Member Fee: $30
Program Times: Tuesday & Fridays PM
Registration Deadline: January 1, 2020

* 3rd-4th Grade Boys League

Nov. 5 – Nov. 23
Fee: $37 (includes replica team uniform)
Member Fee: $33
Program Times: Monday PM, Thursdays PM & Saturday AM
Saturdays AM

* 3rd-4th Grade Boys League

Feb. 11 – March 10
Fee: $37 (includes replica team uniform)
Member Fee: $33
Program Times: Tuesdays & Fridays PM
Registration Deadline: February 5, 2020

Youth Basketball: 4th-6th Girls & 5th-6th Boys

This program will include basic fundamental instruction through team practices and league play with a heavy emphasis placed on sportsmanship. Participants will take part in a skills assessment on December 2nd and then be placed on a team for league and tournament play. Carpools may not be accommodated to assure talent level is evenly distributed. This league will conclude with a tournament and a league championship game. Referees and score-keepers will be used for games. Awards for 1st and 2nd place teams in both divisions. Program meets on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings between 9AM and noon.

Programs: 4th-6th Grade Girls & 5th-6th Grade Boys
Skills Assessment: December 2nd Girls @ 6:00 PM Boys @ 7:00 PM
Site: Central Middle School
Registration Begins: October 11, 2019
Registration Deadline: November 27, 2019
Fee: $47 (includes team uniform)
Member Fee: $42
Program #: Girls: 81050         Boys: 81055