Member Policies

Membership Information:

For more information on member policies and procedures, click here CVSP Rules

A three month commitment is required when signing up for a continuous membership. This means that your monthly membership dues must come out on the 20th of every month for a MINIMUM of three months. If you choose to terminate your membership after your three months, a membership termination form MUST be filled out 30 days prior in order to not have your dues continue to be withdrawn from your debit/credit card.

Children under the age of 10, MUST be in the facility with a parent/guardian over the age of 18.

Senior qualification age is 62

Effective January 26, 2015

Daily Admission Passes will be sold from 5am-3:30pm and expire at 4:30pm for individuals 16 and over M-F

For individuals 16 and under, Daily Admission Passes will be sold from 11:30am-3:30pm and expire at 4:30pm M-F

Daily Admission Passes are NOT sold on the weekends or non-school weekdays (excluding summer)

Fitness Passes (access to upstairs weight/cardio equipment, walking/running track, lap swim and fitness classes) will be sold during all open hours to individuals 16 and older M-F

Any member wishing to bring a guest must purchase a Member Guest Punch Pass

Rules/Restrictions For Guests Of Members

  1. Members 18 years or older must purchase the Member Guest Punch Pass in person
  2. Member Guest Punch Pass MUST be paid IN FULL at the time of the purchase
  3. The SportsPlex will keep the Member Guest Punch Pass at the reception desk
  4. Only family members who have been given permission on the payee form, will be allowed to use the member guest punch pass
  5. The member who is using the Member Guest Punch Pass needs to initial pass when using a punch
  6. Both member and guest MUST provide I.D. and or membership card. The guest MUST leave when the member leaves the SportsPlex.

* In order to purchase a day pass, you must present the front desk staff with a photo ID. Any photo ID with name and picture on it is acceptable. Without an ID, you will be unable to purchase a day pass or enter the facility.  

All Non-School Days (Excluding Summer Break)

  1. Daily Admission Passes will NOT be sold
  2. Fitness passes will be sold for individuals 16 and older, to utilize weight/cardio equipment, running/walking track, lap swim and group fitness classes