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Summer Schedule 2019



From time to time group exercise classes will have to get called off for various reasons. Make sure to sign up for our text/email alerts to be the first to know when a class is moved or cancelled. This is very important when participation in our outdoor classes to know what the plan is with bad weather. Please, visit the website below to sign up for text/email alerts.

Group Fitness Text Alerts

Name: Jacob Frederick

Certifications: ACE – Personal Training, Health Coach

SCW – Weight Management, Group Strength



Degree: B.A. in Physical Education in Personal Wellness

M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion/Fitness and Wellness

Favorite Quote: “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Favorite Hobbies: Snowboarding and anything outdoors.


Personal Favorite Type of Workout To Do:

All kinds, in groups and running.

Fitness Goal For 2017:

Sprint Triathlon, two marathons in one year.

Short Description of You As a Trainer and Person

He wants to help people find what works for them to life a healthier, more active lifestyle. Life is crazy and everyone has so much going on so he wants to work to make changes realistic and attainable. He also appreciates the variety the fitness world has to offer and likes to utilize that when working with clients. He always wants to help people and hear how people are doing. He wants people to never hesitate to ask questions or tell him how things are going.

Name: Guia Palma

Certifications: YogaFit (1, 2, 3, 4, Kids, Seniors, Trauma)

Zumba (1, 2, Gold, Sentao, Step, Zumbatonic, Strong)

Tai Chi (For Health, For Rehabilitation)

Degree: B.S., P.T.

Favorite Quote: “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning

Favorite Hobbies: Mowing, reading and gardening

Favorite Food: Philipino Foods


Personal Favorite Type of Workout to do:

Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates

Fitness Goal for 2017:

To continue to be healthy and strong. To be able to help more people to achieve their fitness goals.

Short Description of You as a Trainer and Person:

I like to make everyone move by encouraging, affirming and adapting to their needs but also challenging them.

Name: Robin Hennick 

Certifications: Group Exercise – NETA

Personal Trainer – NETA

BLS Instractor – AHA

Certified Country Heat

PiYo Live Instructor

Degree: Associate Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Favorite Quote: “Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results. Good things come to those who sweat.”

Favorite Hobbies: Walking the dog

Favorite Food: Peanut butter and chicken


Personal Favorite Type of Workout to do:

Strength training and spin class

Fitness Goal for 2017: Increase her amount of cardio per week as well as achieve a yoga headstand!

Short Description of You as a Trainer and Person: She is a PTA by day and a fitness instructor by night. Her lifestyle consists of fitness and health and she says she loves what she does!

Name: Summer Meyer 

Certifications: Cycling – RPM

Body Pump


Degree: Elementary Education – University of Iowa

Favorite Quote: “Anything worth having is worth working hard for.”

Favorite Hobbies: Running, biking and relaxing with family.

Favorite Food: Chocolate almonds!


Personal Favorite Type of Workout to do: All kinds!

Fitness Goal for 2017: Triathlon

Short Description of You as a Trainer and Person: She completely enjoys seeing people of all different levels improve and reach goals. She believes working hard is so much more fun with others.

Name: Ashton DeMoss 

Certifications: ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

ACSM Certified Health Coach


CPR/First Aid

Degrees: B.A. Health Promotion, M.A. Community Health Education

Favorite Quote: “The best project you’ll ever work on is you.”

Favorite Hobbies: Spending time with friends, family and her dogs.


Personal Favorite Type of Workout to do: Running, swimming and boot-camp workouts.

Fitness Goal for 2017: Personal best half-marathon

Short Description of You as a Trainer and Person: She found her love for fitness in college and taught at UNI and KOSAMA for several years. She works full-time as a Wellness Coordinator for PDCM Insurance.

Name: Bryan Rutledge 

Certifications: Silver Sneakers

Degrees: A.A. Education, B.A. Leisure, Youth & Human Resources

Favorite Quote: “Do it, or watch someone else do it.”

Favorite Hobbies: Running and hiking.


Personal Favorite Type of Workout to do: Running and interval training

Fitness Goal for 2017: Runners Flat 50K under 4 hours, run 100 miles in a week and complete a 50 m race!

Short Description of You as a Trainer and Person: He says creating hard workouts doesn’t motivate him. Seeing the look on people’s faces when they accomplish something great is what motivates him. He’s dedicated to creating lifestyles that help his clients become healthy from the inside out.

Name: Michelle Reinard 

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

INSANITY Pro Team Instructor


Degree: B.S. Marketing & Business

Favorite Quote: “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

Favorite Hobbies: Playing with her two dogs, being with her family and designing/home decor.

Favorite Food: Nachos with jalepeños


Personal Favorite Type of Workout to do:

Fitness Goal for 2017:

Short Description of You as a Trainer and Person: She has lived all over the place. She grew up in Iowa, went to school in Wisconsin, and joined the work force in Arizona.She then moved to Minneapolis and followed by making her way back to Iowa. She loves new experiences and people. The world of fitness is forever changing and she loves being a part of it. She has always been into health and fitness. She started as a runner, progressed to a fitness competitor, and is currently known for maintaining everyday health through fitness.

Name: Chris Black

Certifications: Personal Training – ACT/Action

Group Exercise – NETA


Favorite Quote: “The will to win means nothing, if you do not have the will to prepare.”

Favorite Hobbies: Running, attending his son’s cross country and track events and anything with sports.

Favorite Food: Salmon



Personal Favorite Type of Workout to do: Strength and running circuits and heart rate training.

Fitness Goal for 2017: Win Sturgis half, 3rd year Rocky Mountain half and remain free of injuries.

Short Description of You as a Trainer and Person: He is very goal driven and had his own weight loss journey that helps him relate and understand other’s problems and issues with weight loss.